Rising Artist Max Leone Delivers Yet Another Irresistible New Single “The Beach”


We’ve been closely following the movements of newcomer artist Max Leone, and so far, we love what we’re seeing. He’s just dropped his third single ever, “The Beach,” and we’re officially scoring him 3-for-3 with this one.

Rising out of the noteworthy hotbed for talent that is The Darkroom, we believe Max is destined for chart-topping fame. He’s got the voice, the looks, the creativity, and just enough edge to his music that keeps us coming back for more. “The Beach” is a hazy, yearning cut that completely immerses you into Max Leone’s fresh sound. Before you even realize it, you’ll be singing along to this ballad.

Max wrote this one alongside Alexander 23, another artist who’s been rapidly excelling in the same realm.

It won’t be long before Max Leone is a household name. Stream “The Beach” below and enjoy!

Max Leone – The Beach