Singer Max Leone Serves Up Alternative Pop Perfection On “untitled”

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Max Leone is a musician that we’ve been keeping tabs on, as he’s been steadily releasing tender tracks since signing with Darkroom Records. The latest from the Portland-born, LA-based singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist is an edgy acoustic pop song aptly titled “untitled”. This single is out today, ahead of the release of his debut EP MALLEABLE next week – something we’ve been keenly waiting for.

Don’t let the nondescript name fool you – this is an emotional track full of life. Starting off with the warm strum of the guitar and his honey-smooth voice, it strikes a chord within you immediately. It’s a soft and vulnerable song that twists at your emotions; he sings about the fear of feeling nothing, but this tune leaves you everything but numb. 

Leone had this to say about his decision in naming the song:

“a lot of (titles) came up… but they all didn’t capture the essence of the song… that we don’t really know what we want a lot of the time, that we feel indecisive about things. So leaving it untitled reflected the sentiment of the song really well.”

Listen to the track below, and make sure to stream Malleable when it drops April 29. Enjoy!

Max Leone – untitled