PREMIERE | Maximono Drop Funky Fresh House Single “Bust A Move” Off New EP + Interview


When it comes to house music, This Ain’t Bristol has been one of the most forward thinking and hardest hitting labels since its creation. Instead of focusing on minimal, ordinary tech-house, This Ain’t Bristol aims to showcase the funkiest, heaviest, out-of-the-box tech-house that there is to offer. Maximono, a duo that hails from both London and Hannover, play a significant role in shaping the brand of this label, along with their close friend Billy Kenny. We had a chance to catch up with the guys on an interview touching on their relationship with This Ain't Bristol, their new project and their upcoming tour – be sure to check it out below!

Tomorrow marks the official release of Maximono’s brand new EP, Bust A Move. It also marks Maximono’s debut with TSIS as we get to dive into our favorite track off the project, which happens to be the title track. “Bust A Move” is a perfect example of how fun and funky This Ain’t Bristol can be, while still maintaining a beat that will slay any dancefloor. We love this particular track for its elements of classic acid house and old school hip-hop sampling. It creates a sense of nostalgia, but keeps a modern, heavy bass line that you can’t help but move to. See tour dates below and grab tickets here.

If you like this track, we recommend checking out the rest of what This Ain’t Bristol has to offer. Enjoy!

Maximono – Bust A Move | Purchase

How did you originally link up with This Ain’t Bristol?

Sebi: I'm one of the founders and A&R of the label so the direct link has always been there. Nick is also a close friend of the founders so it’s all a family vibe. This Ain’t Bristol has been our home since day one and it will hopefully be forever. We’ve started Maximono at the same time the label started so it’s a cool thing to see both brands growing and benefiting from each other.

What is your approach to songwriting as a duo?

The only rule or approach we have is: No rules. The more natural the ideas come up, the better the track will be in the end. As we’re living in different countries we can’t always sit down in the studio to come up with fresh ideas together. But this has never affected us in a bad way, more like the opposite. We’re planning about 4-5 big studio sessions a year where we come together and roll out ideas that we both have been working on individually. There are times where we cant have these writing sessions for a couple of months, in these times we just keep sending ideas back and forth and developing the tracks online.

Any specific influences affecting you on this release?

For Bust A Move we wanted to bring back that good old 80s/90s Hip Hop vibe that has been lost a bit over the past years. From our point of perspective it’s all getting a bit too serious and too minimal so we tried to set a statement with these tracks. Another thing was that it was clear from day one that we’re writing these three tracks for This Ain’t Bristol, so their „Good Vibes House“ claim was with us in every part of the writing and production process.

What are you looking forward to most on this tour?


First of all we’re looking forward to see lots of good friends again in all these cities. Dirtybird Campout is always a highlight as its the biggest family meet up you can imagine including all the artists and fans. Our booking agent Chad has killed it with the line up of shows as all the cities and clubs are great. Seattle Q-Club is another one we’re looking very forward too. They are still going crazy about our track „83“ which is funny. Apart from that we’re excited to hit Australia/New Zealand for the very first time. We’ve heard great things about the scene and we can’t wait to travel around this amazing continent and make lots of new friends. We’ve got plenty of fresh and unheard music in the bag so we can’t wait to see those bass faces and crazy dance moves when we’re dropping the new stuff. Bust A Move people!!!!!

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