Mazoulew Shows Off Musical Versatility with Moody Single “Ki Lo”


Mazoulew is one of the producers we appreciate for his ability to blur the boundaries of sound. For the third single off his Movements EP, slated for mid-October, the Britain-bred, Italy-based musician devised a dynamic and brooding track that puts his versatility on bright display. He self-released “Ki Lo” over the weekend, and we are totally enraptured by this tune.

Mazoulew has never been one to be pigeonholed, and on this track, he grazes many genres of electronica. He flexes some deeper elements of bass and downtempo, throws in the glittering timbres of techno, and rounds it out the classic slow rise of a progressive house rhythm. “Ki Lo” has an arrangement that is cinematic and climactic, reeling you in with a slow rise and employing the use of strikingly powerful synth lines to culminate into a ripe masterpiece by the end.

You can hear this work of art below. Enjoy!

Mazoulew – Ki Lo