Medasin Puts His Midas Touch To Toto’s Iconic “Africa”

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Few songs have the same staying power as Toto’s legendary tune, “Africa.” The 1982 hit has recently made a huge comeback with the help of Weezer, and now, one our favorite artists, Medasin, is getting in on the action as well.

When it comes to all things dreamy and wavy, no one does it like Medasin. Using a plethora of buoyant rounded synths, the Dallas-based producer recreates the track as a spaced out instrumental featuring twirling new fills and with a slight cosmic twist.

If you’re chilling with friends at any point in the near future, put this new one on and I promise you’ll turn heads. Stream Medasin’s new flip of Toto’s “Africa” below. Enjoy!

Medasin – Africa