Medasin Shares Chilled Out Dreamy Remix Of Joji’s “Will He”


TSIS favorite Medasin has been turning out top notch remixes and originals for years now and shows no signs of slowing down. Most recently remixing DJ Khaled and Portugal. The Man, Medasin has forged a amazingly unique sound, never releasing a track until it is unequivocally his. The quickly rising artist's latest installment is a masterfully subdued remix of Joji’s "Will He." Joji, Filthy Franks / Pink Guy's more serious musical moniker, has carefully avoided the laughs, putting out sincere music with undeniable melancholy overtones making Medasin the perfect pairing to take on a remix.

The one thing that we have learned to expect from every Medasin remix is that song is going to be 100% his own, by stripping down the original and reconstructing it in an entirely new way. This song is no exception. The occasional sound of a gun cocking, light piano and heavy snare are used to structure the song, carrying the heavily sedated vocals and subdued synth stabs across an island-like soundscape. Listen to the track below and enjoy!

Joji – Will He (Medasin Remix)