MEMBA Expands Upon Their Sound on New ‘UNI(*)N’ EP


MEMBA made their introduction to the electronic world in 2016, earning the acclaim of countless tastemakers and millions of fans since their first release. With all they have been through, the Brooklyn-based duo still finds new ways to expand upon the impressive foundation they have created over the years. Their new EP, UNI(*)N, emphasizes their willingness and desire to grow as artists, showcasing an impressive expansion to their established sound.

UNI(*)N features a total of six tracks, each of which sees MEMBA collaborating with a different, and uniquely influential artist. “BACK ONLINE” kicks things off, standing out with its rhythmic drop and memorable vocal hook. MEMBA recruits Elohim on the next track, concocting a heater through the combination of pop melodies and an impactful, bass-led production. The EP ends on a high note with “INSANE.” MEMBA’s and BIICLA absolutely go off on this drum and bass monster collab.

MEMBA commented on the new EP, sharing:

This EP is filled with a melting pot of genres, styles, and cultures – like mixing Indian folk with UK garage – just the way we like it. Collaboration at this level, across the entire planet sending files back and forth, wasn’t possible even a few decades ago – it feels exciting to be able to make any sound, anywhere, with anyone from any country. We feel like we learn the most when writing with other people.

You can stream UNI(*)N at the link below. Enjoy!