Michal Menert – Even If It Isn’t Right (Album) : 27 Song Electronic Album on Pretty Lights Music


Choosing to give away your album for free is a great thing especially when it is really sick, like the latest from the first Pretty Lights Music artist Michal Menert, who actually helped Derek of Pretty Lights produce their first album. This album Even If It Isn't Right follows up his debut Dreaming of A Bigger Life. This album is a long time in the waiting, over a year, which makes sense why it's 27 tracks. He does a great job at sampling some of the best and most obscure samples. He's developed a more bass heavy sound that works so well. He's got collaboration wit SuperVision, Paul Basic, and Derek VanScoten. I tried to pick out a few of my favorites, but this is certainly worth the entire download. Enjoy!

Michal Menert – Even If It Isn't Right (Entire Album) | Direct Download

Michal Menert – The Keep On (Co-Produced by Paul Basic) | Download

Michal Menert - Out of This World (Co-Produced by SuperVision) | Download

Michal Menert – Solar Overdrive (Co-Produced by Derek VanScoten) | Download