Mick Jenkins Addresses The ‘Elephant In The Room’ on Impressive New Album

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Montreal rapper Mick Jenkins is one of the best in the game right now. Any new release we see from him warrants an immediate listen, so getting a full album from him today is a treat. Boasting production credits from Saba, serpentwithfeet, and Monte Booker, Elephant In The Room makes a strong case to be your next no-skips album.

Calling an album The Elephant In The Room holds the promise of tackling tricky topics, and Jenkins doesn’t hold back. Addressing racism, love and loss, strained familial relationships, and mental health, Jenkins is at his most introspective yet.

The production on the album combines the signature jazz sound Jenkins has embraced in his previous work, with some darker electronic elements that reflect the subject matter. While Mick’s flows are impressive enough as is, he also seamlessly switches to a gorgeous alto voice. He lets it shine on tracks like “Gucci Tried To Tell Me.” In addition to the singles Jenkins released during the album rollout, stand-out tracks included “Things You Could Die For If Doing While Black,” “Stiff Arm,” and “D.U.I.”

Jenkins is at his best on this album. You can check out Elephant In The Room using the link below. Enjoy!

Mick Jenkins – Elephant In The Room