Mija Takes On Drum & Bass With Experimental New Single “Talk”


Throughout 2018 Mija has proven her versatility as a producer again and again – from her debut EP HOW TO MEASURE THE DISTANCE BETWEEN LOVERS to last month’s drum and bass remix of Alice Glass’ “Without Love,” this year has no doubt been one of exploration for the Arizona-born producer. Today Mija is back with “Talk,” a striking new single that falls on the downtempo, underground side of the spectrum.

Accompanied by some downright trippy cover art, Mija continues to explore diverse new sounds with the short but sweet “Talk.” The song has numerous quirks, from the faraway vocal samples to a blend of drum and bass and, surprisingly, an almost hardstyle bass-breakdown that appears twice throughout the track. “Talk” is a bold release unafraid to stand out from the crowd, and it’ll definitely have you hitting repeat to dissect each layer again and again. Check it out below and enjoy!

Mija – Talk

mija talk