Mija Shares 24-Minute Long Track Full Of Ambient Sounds “The Space In Between Pt. 1”


Mija has just shared a unique little loosie with us today. The beloved and multi-talented artist has gifted us with a wonderfully weird, 24-minute long track full of ambient sounds. This in fact will be the background music that plays in between her songs during her upcoming live tour, Band Practice, a new performance by Mija in a way that we’ve never seen her before.

The track itself is actually an elongated and retouched version of the dreamy track “Notice Me,” off of her How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers EP, much of which she’ll be performing on this new tour. This spacey rendition of her own tune has been reshaped into something entirely new, sounding like that could be a part of some original score for a film.

The title, “The Space In Between pt. 1,” even serves as a witty double entendre, considering the name of her past projects, as well as the fact that it’s going to be used as “the space in between” during her show. Pretty neat.

Check out the “The Space In Between pt. 1” below and also see the dates for her Band Practice tour. Enjoy!

Mija – The Space In Between pt. 1