Mild Minds & edapollo Link Up on Energetic Collaboration “IN YOUR EYES”

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Following the success of their 2023 smash single, “Everything,” Mild Minds and edapollo figured it couldn’t hurt to share more of their collaborative work with the world. The duo returns to ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective imprint with their second, highly-anticipated collaboration, “IN YOUR EYES.”

Mild Minds and edapollo establish a potent vocal motif from the beginning of “IN YOUR EYES,” allowing the listener to sing along on first listen. Sparkly synth chords join a deep bass line to give the track a particular warmth, accentuated by a thumping, subby kick. We especially enjoyed the vocal-chop-infused interludes, showcasing the artists’ full potential as a production duo.

You can stream “IN YOUR EYES” at the link below, out everywhere via Foreign Family Collective. Enjoy!

Mild Minds, edapollo  – IN YOUR EYES