Mild Minds Debuts Glimmering Electronica Single “Machine” via Foreign Family Collective

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Foreign Family Collective artist Mild Minds has added yet another stunning single to his already impressive discography. Serving as his third single of the yearMachine” is a sonic gem brimming with emotion.

Created during a 2-week hotel quarantine, this track explores the various emotions that come from this experience. “Machine” flutters between the desperation of being isolated and a sense of inner peace that coming to terms with it brings.

Mild Minds used a prophet 5 synth almost exclusively for the track’s production, resulting in gorgeous synth lines. Interspersed with melodic vocals, Mild Minds finds the perfect balance between synthetic instrumentation and human ability:

I wanted to sway between both machine and human influences, as represented by vocal tracks that explore intimate human emotion, and dance records that are inspired by machines and artificial intelligence…I was exploring topics of AI and robotics at the time and imagined a future where these two technologies would combine and be capable of building structures by themselves.

“Machine” is the first in a line of singles Mild Minds is planning on releasing. Until then, you can check out this track using the link below. Enjoy!

Mild Minds – Machine