Mindchatter Shares Eclectic Single “Day Dreams,” Announces New EP

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The innovative and creative musical mind of Mindchatter is seemingly limitless. Last year, we had the pleasure of catching up with him to discuss his creative process, influences, and more. He’s since been going strong with a myriad of releases and remixes spanning the wide world of electronic music. Today, he’s announcing his upcoming Spiritual Pubery EP with the release of his brand-new single “Day Dreams,” out now via Foreign Family Collective.

Anyone who’s been following Mindchatter closely knows that no two songs ever sound the same. “Day Dreams” uses a delicate synth pattern to create a sense of lightheartedness before Mindchatter’s instantly recognizable vocals join in. According to Mindchatter, the song is actually a culmination of two completely different tracks that came together by accident.

Here’s what he had to say about the track:

“‘Day Dreams’ sounds a lot different than most of my music, and that’s probably because it came together by accident. As I was mixing the instrumental of another song on the EP, I added the “Day Dreams” topline and it worked perfectly. Suddenly I had two totally different songs using the same beat and very little time to decide which to release. Luckily I was playing Lightning In A Bottle later that week and I decided to put the new version in my set to test out. It was surreal to play a song I made 48 hours ago in front of thousands of people, but it made for a special moment in the set. When the chorus hit that first time, I knew it was the one.”

Mindchatter’s Spiritual Puberty is set for release on September 22. You can stream “Day Dreams” below. Enjoy!

Mindchatter – Day Dreams