Mindchatter Hypnotizes With Dreamy Indie-Electronic Tune “Night Goggles”

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If Mindchatter isn’t on your radar yet, you need to fix that. We’ve become fast fans of the New York artist, who has quickly ascended through the ranks with his unique blend of dream-inducing production and sedated vocals. Today marks the release of his new tune, “Night Goggles,” via Mind Of A Genius, and it will definitely lift you sky-high.

The contrast of the percussion to the lush piano and Mindchatter’s classically serene vocals creates a very pleasant energy that we absolutely love. Mindchatter had this to say on his inspiration:

“Night Goggles” is a metaphor for seeing the world through a completely different lens. At night, when I’m most creative, I sometimes recognize the transience of life and the triviality of my worries. It’s an incredibly liberating feeling and one that I hope many people experience – but it’s always fleeting, so I tried to bottle it up in a song.

This kind of self aware realization is undoubtedly a familiar feeling, but Mindchatter’s ability to encapsulate it into music is top notch. It’s one of the many reasons we love him as an artist and are so looking forward to his album due out in the fall. Until then, stream his newest track “Night Goggles” below. Enjoy!

Mindchatter – Night Goggles