Minnesota Gets Heavy on Wompy New Single “Confusion”


Minnesota recently dropped off one of his hardest tracks in recent memory, and you need to check this one out. It’s titled “Confusion,” and this one was clearly designed to level live crowds (especially with shows coming back!).

There’s nothing like a head-spinning dubstep banger to get your blood pumping. “Confusion” goes back and forth between an array of extra dub-y sounds, and a juxtaposed, dreamy breakdown keeping us on our toes. We’re getting some G Jones vibes with the vocals on this one, with a disorienting, “Where am I?” echoes throughout the track.

“Confusion” is the first single off of Minnesota’s new upcoming EPHIGH EXPOSURE. Stay tuned for the release date on that one, which is yet to be announced.

You can stream the new Minnesota banger below. Enjoy!

Minnesota – Confused