Model Man & Lyrah Deliver Emotive Single “Staring In The Dark”

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Beginning his musical journey at a young age, Mark Brandon, better known as Model Man, took up classical piano as a young child, thus triggering the prolific career he was yet to embark on. Holding on to his roots, the rising artist embraces the comfort he finds at his piano and meshes it with electronic and acid house influence. His newest track, in collaboration with vocalist Lyrah, has just arrived.

Soft piano chords and minimal percussion set the mood for “Staring In The Dark.” Lyrah’s voice makes its introduction, taking the listener on an emotional journey as she tells the story of holding onto lost love. Picking up the energy around half way, Model Man takes the track to new heights with a rhythmic drop fueled by bright piano stabs and a pulsing beat. The ambience and simplicity of the production allows nostalgic feelings to effortlessly pervade the track.

Lyrah commented on working with Model Man, sharing:

a few months ago Model Man and I started this song while he was in LA. at that time, we were both going through some stuff and this song held that. it’s about the presence of someone after they’re gone, like standing where a crowd once was. i’ve been a fan of his music even before knowing him, and this song really hit on something special.

You can stream “Staring In The Dark” at the link below, out everywhere via Helix Records. Enjoy!

Model Man & Lyrah – Staring In The Dark