Molly Otto Releases Eclectic New EP ‘Snowball’ via bitbird

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Making the switch from rock band guitarist to EDM producer can be challenging, but Molly Otto has made the transition seamlessly with further proof coming from her new four-track EP Snowball, out now via bitbird.

Snowball is such an eclectic mix of elements of DnB and indie with whimsical emotive vocals scattered throughout. The standout track “Back” is the perfect cohesion of all of those stated elements and is a gorgeous and euphoric song. “Home Now” slows things down a bit and leans more to Molly’s indie style, meanwhile “These Things” kicks things off with a more breakneck pace. “I’ll Be Alright” closes the project out again with that blend of it all.

On Snowball, Molly says,

“When I was deciding what to name the EP, I knew I wanted the title to signify forward momentum. This is the first batch of tracks where I felt like I was fully creating what I had always envisioned my sound to be. Snowball signifies that continued progress and forward-trajectory I have been working so hard to achieve.”

Stream Snowball from Molly Otto below and enjoy!

Molly Otto – Snowball

-Written By: Derek Lavezzo