Mona Yim & Memphis LK Team Up On Summer Alt-Pop Earworm “Thinkin Of U”


Mona Yim and Memphis LK are two female producers carving out their own unique paths in UK dance music. Mona Yim has made her mark on the London and Berlin music circuit with her forward-thinking and genre-bending sound. Memphis LK has made her way to London via Melbourne and has quickly made a name for herself in the world of production. Today, they’re teaming up on their newest collaborative single “Thinkin Of U,” out now via Technicolour.

Get ready for some summer alt-pop goodness with this one. Both Mona Yim and Memphis LK share an affinity for pop-tinged melodies in electronic music and this track puts that on full display. “Thinkin Of U” fuses euphoric hyperpop with innovative dance-forward production for a carefree and playful sounding collaboration from two rising artists.

Check out the equally entertaining music video below and enjoy!

Mona Yim & Memphis LK – Thinkin Of U