Moore Kismet & Laxcity Team Up For Wickedly Beautiful Bass Single “Flourish”

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At this point it seems that at this point anything Moore Kismet, the insanely talented teenage bass phenom, seems to touch is gold. Having already graced our ears earlier this year with the trailblazing single Rumor, the non-binary producer has teamed up with longtime friend and also extremely accomplished Laxcity for their latest track, “Flourish.”

The pair admittedly approached this song as if it were a blossoming flower, flourishing and changing into something even more wickedly beautiful over the course of time and that’s exactly what transpired. “Flourish” starts out in an ethereal, atmospheric sound space that eventually flips on its head into an all out bass-heavy drop with stabbing synths and a heart pounding drum beat. The song goes back and forth between ethereal and epic maintaining a level of beauty amongst the chaos.

Stream the new single below and enjoy!

Moore Kismet & Laxcity – Flourish