Moore Kismet Unleashes Sonic Destruction With Euphoric, Boisterous ‘Revenge Of The Unicorns’ EP

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For the past few years, Moore Kismet has been absolutely crushing the bass music scene. With an unorthodox and very refreshing approach to what a banger should be, the quickly-rising talent has now reached yet another milestone in their career with the release of a fresh new EP Revenge Of The Unicorns.

Following up their recent collab with Leotrix, as usual, 15-year-old Moore Kismet absolutely crushed this latest offering. Packed with inspiration from all over the low-end spectrum, Moore has created a fleet of hybrid bass weapons with this triumphant EP, all balanced with equal parts elation and speaker-blowing goodness.

Stream Revenge Of The Unicorns, out now via our friends at Never Say Die and enjoy!

Moore Kismet – Revenge Of The Unicorns EP