Moore Kismet Shares Emotional Single “three little words” with Anna Dellaria

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Moore Kismet continues to impress us with every new release they serve up. The sheer volume of styles and genres they have seemed to mastered makes them one of the most diverse rising acts in the scene. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Kismet teamed up with vocalist, Anna Dellaria, on their introspective new single, “three little words.”

An anthem for anyone who has experienced love and loss, “three little words” captivates so many feelings we can all relate to. Bubbly synth leads juxtapose the deeply emotional themes presented by Dellaria, impressing us with a new, more delicate side of Kismet’s production. The track builds on a dance-ready trap groove, leading into an impactful drop full of synth stabs and a touching message.

Moore shared their thoughts on the new track, commenting:

‘three little words’ is really about falling in love with or still having love for someone you know you shouldn’t be in love with, but you just can’t help it. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I know that a lot of people (myself included) may be spending it alone. I really wanted to make something that anyone could listen and relate to you because love is not an easy thing to find.

You can stream “three little words” at the link below, out everywhere via Thrive Music. Enjoy!

Moore Kismet & Anna Dellaria – three little words