Morgin Madison Takes Listeners On A Late-Night Melodic House Journey With ‘Some Nights’ EP


If you’re looking for some beautiful and tranquil house music to ease your mind in these trying times, look no further than Morgin Madison‘s new Some Nights EP. The Boise-born producer is coming up on the three year anniversary of his first release, and it’s been nothing but impressive tracks and label attention since then, this latest EP being signed to the Mau5trap imprint.

The EP is an exhibition of melodic house at its finest, featuring beautiful sound design, uplifting melodies, and a seamless flow between tracks. Immersing listeners into Morgin’s elegant “late night” sound is “Velen,” a deeply layered, progressive-house track that slowly builds an atmospheric aura and drops into a big groove. Following that is the standout lead-single “Indigo”, where Morgin takes that late night vibrance a step further with some nicely flowing synth riffs and soothing ambient sounds.

Here’s what Morgin had to say of the production:

“The Some Nights EP was made almost exclusively in the very late hours of
the night, and showcases a sound that I hear as more of a jam-based flow state instead of
predictable song chunks”

This captivating EP is out now via Mau5trap. Check it out on a late-night drive to turn your car into a spaceship. Enjoy!

Morgin Madison – Some Nights EP