Motifv Shines on Brilliant New Electro Soul Album ‘Dilated Mind’

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Motifv is someone who needs to be on your radar. The Colorado producer has shared his sophomore album, Dilated Mind, and his music, up until now, has been criminally slept on.

Dilated Mind is seven tracks long, clocking in at just under 30 minutes. The sound is a combination of soothing, groovy, and soulful—and effortlessly rocks back and forth between hip-hop and electronic music. Motifv displays an excellent utilization of sampling on this project, sliding in vocal cuts keep the instrumentals coasting along. There’s also just the right amount of bass here that will really get you moving.

While this information is second to his own musical talent, it’s worth nothing that Motifv is in fact Pretty Lights’ younger brother. While we’ve been waiting years and years for PL to return with new music, it’s opened the door for someone like Motifv to step further into the limelight and fill that musical void. And he’s doing exactly that with the release of Dilated Minds. While Motifv has his own distinct approach, you’d be pressed to not hear a bit of influence from his older brother.

You can check out this amazing new project from Motifv below, out now via Featherweight Records. Enjoy!

Motifv – Dilated Mind