Moufy – The Preparation (Mixtape) : Hip Hop Mixtape

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We have some more fresh hip hop from the Boston Boy Moufy the  rapper who brought you the Boston Lights mixtape including the track Twist It and Light It and among others. Here is his latest mixtape The Preperation featuring 15 great tracks with some solid production on just about every one. He talks on a variety of subjects, ranging from light hearted weed topics, and some actual real issues creating a good feel good balance. Something about his voice is so unique and gets you hooked on every word. We've picked out a few of our favorites but recomend grabbing the whole thing if you dig his style. Enjoy!

Moufy – The Preperation (Mixtape) Entire Tape | Direct Download

Moufy – Blunt Burn | Download


Moufy – Midnight Star | Download


Moufy – Boston Lights (Remix) | Download


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