Mr. Carmack Throws It Back To His Old School Trap Roots With Massive ‘I


We’ve been very fortunate over the past couple of weeks with a few very dope releases from the infamous Mr. Carmack. Earlier in May we got his hard and forward-thinking DEMOLISH EP, a few days ago we got the slow and smooth loosies “Marry You” and “Fast Or Slow,” featuring A1, and today, Mr. Carmack has a little something special for his day one fans.

This brand new three-track EP from Mr. Carmack titled I <3 TRAP is straight out of 2013. It’s no secret that the beatsmith was one of the pioneers of the instrumental hip-hop movement over half a decade ago that led to the creation of what we know now as ‘trap.’ These three tunes embody that sound perfectly with simple percussion, skittery and minimal melodies, and absolutely monstrous bass.

There’s a bounce to these tracks that you just don’t hear at all anymore in modern-day trap. If you’ve had a nostalgic itch for that older sound, this EP will certainly scratch it. Each track is titled as a year (“2012,” “2013,” and “2016”), and each one draws inspiration from what the scene was like during that year.

This amazing new throwback EP is only available for download via Mr. Carmack’s Bandcamp, so follow this link to download and listen. Enjoy