Mr. Carmack Is On A Mission Releasing 8 More New Singles

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We’re all aboard the Mr. Carmack train here at TSIS, last time we covered him he had just released 5 singles and announced a forthcoming album.  Well since then, the Hawaiian producer has released a staggering EIGHT MORE SINGLES. I don’t know what this man is on but I want some asap.

This machine like production is not only impressive because of the sheer amount of music Mr. Carmack is releasing, but also because each song is masterful demonstration of his amazingly diverse skillset. It’s not all trap all the time with these Caramack tracks (even though I thoroughly enjoy that side of him).  These tracks range from the blissful and ambient in “Water In The River,” and “Third Wheel,” to cool downtempo hip hop beats in “Ain’t Loyal,” “Grey Matter,” “Invisible Motions,” to the movin and groovin vibes in “Stiffness,” “Circadian,” and “Keep It Movin.”

Is this near-daily release of new music leading to something big? Maybe the long-awaited arrival of his album?? Maybe these tracks ARE the album and Mr. Carmack is quietly releasing the album in an off-the-wall Mr. Carmack way, thus explaining the numbering of the tracks on his Soundcloud and the omission of a #7 and #12?? How much new music is this man sitting on?? All I know is that The Honolulu Beat Master is further establishing himself as brilliantly gifted technician of sound these past few months and it has been an absolute treat to cover. Enjoy!


Mr. Carmack – GREY MATTER

Mr. Carmack – KEEP IT MOVING

Mr. Carmack – CIRCADIAN

Mr. Carmack – STIFFNESS

Mr. Carmack – AIN’T LOYAL

Mr. Carmack – THIRD WHEEL