Mr. Carmack Delivers New Track “Watch Me” Ft. Adam Vida + Video Showing How They Made The Song

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Mr. Carmack is back! For his latest release he’s joined Mass Appeal for their “Rhythm Roulette” series in which he made a new track “Watch Me” alongside past collaborator Adam Vida.

The series has producers walk around a record store blindfolded and pick 3 random records to sample and create a new song. The video shows Carmack listening through, picking out his samples and putting them together in a way only Carmack could, with his experimental-leaning productions as he creates his own kicks, hi-hats and everything on the track from the original records. He even uses an elephant sound as Adam Vida writes his lyrics while Carmack puts the song together, and it came out amazing. Listen to the finished song below and see the video of how it came together as well. Enjoy!

Mr. Carmack – Watch Me (Ft. Adam Vida)

Mr. Carmack – Rhythm Roulette

Photo credit: @strutz