Mura Masa Links With Gorillaz Creator Damon Albarn For New Album Single “Blu”

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Mura Masa must be feeling quite generous lately. Only a few weeks ago he dropped two new singles via free download and today has shared yet another single off of his upcoming self titled debut album. Following up on his previous releases featuring Charli XCX and Desiigner, Mura Masa has teamed up with Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn for a new song titled, “Blu”.

Mura Masa slows things down for this latest offering. Starting off with a wonky organ and an gentle clap, the UK producer keeps things simple, blending a delicate harp arpeggiation with Damon Albarn's robotic-sounding voice. Slow-rolling acoustic percussion, a booming 808 and some bizarre high-pitched noises (that almost sound like a record scratch) add an incredibly effective level of weirdness to the track before it winds down into a 45-second outro of ambient street noise. Keep an eye out for Mura Masa’s self-titled debut album due July 14 and listen to his new single “Blu” below. Enjoy!

Mura Masa – Blu (Ft. Damon Albarn)