Mura Masa Delivers A Nostalgic, Ravey New Remix For PVA’s “Talks”

Prolific producer Mura Masa has linked with an upstart punk-disco band PVA for a remix of their new song “Talks.” PVA are a three-piece outfit from London, reviving the sounds of new-wave with techno and disco sensibilities and gaining a loyal following in their home city.
For this remix, Mura Masa strips everything but the vocals, injecting an infectious synth melody and some varied percussion work. With the addition of some elongated, rising synths, the track gets an atmospheric lift and seems to take on a life of its own as synths and drums filter in and out. Between PVA’s brazen vocals and Mura Masa’s unique take on the remix, this track definitely stands out from the fray. It’s an underground sounding treat, fusing the old school with the new.
Mura Masa shared his thoughts on the project:
“I’m a really big fan of PVA since hearing ‘Divine Intervention’, so when they very kindly let me hear their new music I jumped at the chance to put my own twist on Talks. I think they’ve got a very refreshing take on a very classic sound so I tried to do a similar thing with my remix.​”
Check out this really unique and groovy tune in the stream below. Enjoy!

PVA – Talks (Mura Masa Remix)