Mura Masa Drops Absolutely Massive New Future Bass Remix

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Mura Masa may be making his way over to pop music, but he’s still able to deliver some top-shelf future bass when he wants to. We found this out over the weekend when we heard his brand new remix of Himera‘s recent single “You Make It Look So Easy.”

Given Mura’s recent direction with his great 2020 album, R.Y.C., we had no idea what we were doing to get when we hit play. We were pleasantly surprised when the young veteran producer decided to go back to his roots and drop a vapor twitch banger.

For some silly reason, instead of this titled as a “Mura Masa Remix,” it actually says “Ruined by Mura.” While this may clearly be a cheeky joke, we can promise that this tune is far from ruined.

You can stream the new Mura Masa remix of “You Make It Look So Easy” below. Enjoy!

Himera – You Make It Look So Easy (Ruined by Mura)