PREMIERE | Murge Explores The Cosmos On New Single “Alone Together”

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With his keen ear for worldly influence and his undeniable production prowess, Murge is one of those artists who can mix up his genres, on a whim, and leave the rest of us wanting for more. From cosmic disco, to deep house, to even some drum & bass, his catalog speaks for itself, and with his new single “Alone Together,” with Sierra Lundy, he’s able to meld his genres even more so, and we’re excited to premiere it for you today.

Featuring a smooth downtempo beat, “Alone Together” mixes in a few samples from the Canadian-born singer which lend much depth to a song whose title indicates the state of affairs here in 2020. Despite the contradiction in the title however, the track serves as an encouragement of sorts, a reminder that we’re all together no matter what. It’s deeply introspective work, and we can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next.

Below is a link to the music, enjoy!