PREMIERE | mynameisleonidas Swirls Pop & Hip-Hop with New Single “elevate in the village”

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Emerging artist mynameisleonidas is the kind of producer that is shrouded in mystery and lets his music do the talking for him. There are few details known about this newcomer, who is about to sign with Parisian imprint Kitsuné Musique after they took note of his novel sound. He’s also caught our attention, so we’re stoked to be able to premiere his new song “elevate in the village” today before it is officially released on May 26

The music that mynameisleonidas makes is best summed up as the lovechild of pop, hip-hop, and a little bit of rock combined. He takes the most soulful and groovy elements of each genre to produce an intricate and unique melody, and the result is an irresistible foot-tapper. First we get a raw and romantic acoustic strum, and then bouncy chords and a flickering tempo are introduced while two singers trade off commandeering the track.  

Get your exclusive early listen to the single below. Enjoy!

mynameisleonidas – elevate in the village