mynameisleonidas Laments a Lover’s Loss on Alt Pop Jam “lost my bass” 


One of Parisian label Kitsuné Musique’s shining artists, mynameisleonidas has a fresh, curated sound that always slaps. The masked musician’s latest venture “lost my bass” just came out on the imprint last week. It’s a bass-fueled number about a real-life heartbreak that the singer and producer endured. 

“lost my bass” is an instrumental-reliant track, which holds a metaphoric and symbolic meaning. The song is about a woman leaving him and him feeling incomplete without her, much like a song can feel like it’s lacking soul if there isn’t enough bass. He emphasizes the guitar here, letting the strums and percussion highlight his emotions, as his hazy vocals float just underneath the surface.

You can play the track below. Enjoy! 

lost my bass – mynameisleonidas