Mz Worthy Raises Trans Awareness On Vibrant House EP, ‘Here I Come (He.She.They)


Many figures in music have been given a voice and even fewer have used that voice to raise awareness. Mz Worthy has spent over two decades in the scene but after years of repressing feelings of gender dysphoria, she came out as transgender in 2020. With a new relationship to DJing, she’s connected with her music and audience on an exciting new level. With yesterday being Trans Day of Visibility, Mz Worthy is raising awareness by releasing her Here I Come (He.She.They) EP.

The three-track project takes listeners on a wild ride through the vast depths of house music. “Here I Come” takes on a classic approach that uses hypnotic vocals from L.A.C to lure you in before unleashing some swelling synths over a rhythmic percussion. “Can You Tell Me” flirts with a deeper, industrial percussive palette while using some pitched vocals to paint a more vibrant picture. “White Wash” stands out from the others as Mz Worthy experiments with a more ambient soundscape that feels like it comes from the soul.

In addition to the release, Mz Worthy has also started a GoFundMe to begin raising money to cover her Facial Feminization Surgery. It takes incredible courage to do what she’s doing and we’re in full support. Stream the EP below and enjoy!

Mz Worthy – Here I Come (He.She.They)