Nas Remixes J. Cole “Let Nas Down” into “Made Nas Proud” [Free Download]


Nas just reaffirmed how incredible of an artist he is by clearing the air about one of the newest J. Cole tracks. The song "Let Nas Down" on J. Cole's recent Born Sinner album is a reference to J. Cole being a lifetime fan of Nas and then finding out that he hated Cole's debut single "Work Out" from his previous album. Nas delivers a response to "Let Nas Down" by adding his own verse on the song. Instead of letting him down, he encourages him with advice on working with Jay-Z, labels and future pressure. He even goes as far to say how he "plays Born Sinner loud", and how he "Made Nas Proud". It gives me goosebumps hearing Nas give J. Cole so much respect, who idolizes the man.

J. Cole – Let Nas Down (Remix Ft. Nas) | Download

J. Cole – Let Nas Down (Original) | Purchase Born Sinner