NASAYA Explores Introspective Inspiration On New Single “CIEL”

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An artist unlike many of his electronic colleagues, taking inspiration from jazz, classic rock, and hip hop, French-born NASAYA serves up tunes that always manage to grab our attention. Uniquely divulging into his many inspirations and cultural experiences, each piece of NASAYA is reflected in his music. His newest single, “CIEL,” captures the artist’s experimental side, combining elements of house, techno, and more.

NASAYA created something truly special with “CIEL.” Between its entrancing vocal chops, danceable grooves, immaculate instrumentation, and saturated bass lines, there is so much to love in the four minute, ten second span of this track. “CIEL” is a gradual build, soaring through a variety of genres and sounds up until its conclusion. Absolutely captivated by not only the writing ability of NASAYA, but sound design and production as well, “CIEL” might just be the most diverse and deep expression of his talents we’ve heard to date.

NASAYA offered some insight into the creative process behind “CIEL,” explaining:

‘CIEL’ marks a bit of a departure from music I previously released. I moved from the US to Paris in 2020 and the change of scenery kind of changed the way I write music and how I wanted this project to evolve. The track is definitely ‘clubbier’/darker than what I previously released – living in Europe for the first time I started being more influenced by music like garage/breakbeat, jungle, techno etc..

You can listen to “CIEL” at the link below, out everywhere via Foreign Family Collective. Enjoy!