NERO Delivers Dark, Heavy New Single “Lullaby” As First Release In Two Years


For over a decade NERO has maintained a larger-than-life presence in the electronic music world. Having kept relatively silent for the last few years apart from Dan Stephens and Alana Watson branching off with their new side project The Night, today the trio has returned with a heavy new release, “Lullaby”.

Similar to Tycho’s recent return, this latest offering comes as part of a joint effort NINJAWERKS compilation between competitive gamer Ninja and LA-based record label Astralwerks, set for a full release on Dec. 14. With NERO bringing back their dark, unique sound, “Lullaby” packed eerie rolling synths, skittering percussion, deep, booming bass and incredible lead vocals (as always) from Alana Watson is sounding nothing short of incredible. Check out NERO’s triumphant return below and enjoy!

NERO – Lullaby