Hear Two New Mac Miller Recordings Taken From Unreleased Spotify Sessions

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Mac Miller’s passing is still something that many, including us, are still coming to terms with. Not only was he one of our favorite artists in any genre, but also a highly revered member of the entire, broad reaching hip-hop community.

Today, two new recordings of Mac have surfaced. They’re two tracks that were recorded at Spotify Studios in New York City. The first one is a rendition of “Dunno,” one of the tracks of the last album Mac dropped, Swimming (and one of our favorite cuts off the project). The second is a brilliant cover of Billy Preston’s 1974 classic hit “Nothing From Nothing.”

Both tracks are heartbreakingly good, and paint a vivid picture of Mac sitting in the studio just jamming. There’s no intricate production here, just Mac’s voice, some keys, and a guitar. It definitely tugs at the heartstrings a bit to hear these new recordings, but you can’t help but to appreciate the beauty of it.

Listen to these two new recordings below and enjoy. Also, check out that Spotify uploaded to Twitter of Mac in the studio.

Mac Miller – Spotify Singles


A few months ago, Mac Miller came to Spotify to record a new version of Dunno and a cover of Billy Preston’s Nothing From Nothing. His #SpotifySingles are now available to stream.https://t.co/nyNK5l0W2t pic.twitter.com/8o6JZw66q5

— Spotify (@Spotify) November 29, 2018