New Zealand Indie Band LEISURE Impress On New Album ‘Twister’

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New Zealand indie band LEISURE have been one of my favorites for a minute. Their debut album showcased a smooth sound blending elements of indie and psych rock with R&B, funk and soul in the best way. Now they’ve returned with the anticipated sophomore album TWISTER as a 14 song endeavor that’s sounding fresh from start to finish.

“We make our favourite things when we become creatively unconscious and surrender to the moment, TWISTER was a good opportunity for us to explore ideas to their deepest level…” says LEISURE. “We took turns as the album took shape to fall in love with each song and the process of how each one was made. To land with an eclectic collection of 14 songs; each swirling with their own mood and colour has been an immersive experience for us.”- LEISURE