Nia Archives Releases Incredible New EP ‘SUNRISE BANG UR HEAD AGAINST THE WALL’


It goes without saying that Nia Archives has one of the most exciting, genre-bending styles in the electronic scene. Her keen ability to make her music sound uniquely her no matter what influence she pulls from is a gift to be revered. The triple-threat’s new EP, SUNRISE BANG UR HEAD AGAINST THE WALL, has just arrived.

“Baianá” was the first track released off the highly anticipated EP, coming out in September 2022 and received by fans with open arms. Its jungle-inspired beat and eclectic vocal chants perfectly introduce the hype energy we can come to expect from the rest of the EP. Next up, Nia lays down two new tracks. “That’s Tha Way Life Goes” is a lighthearted, vocal-led tune finding its flow amongst bright guitar chords and a filtered breakbeat. “No Need 2 Be Sorry, Call Me? (ft. Maverick Sabre)” finds Nia taking an equally lighthearted approach to the production, but this time with much deeper sentiment in lyrical content.

While we were already more than familiar with the last three tracks of the EP, they seem have taken a new shape as a part of Nia’s vision for the EP as a collective unit. Flowing seamlessly from one to another, Nia flexes her ability to flip simple drum and bass, jungle, and garage beats into uniquely inspiring entities.

Nia Archives commented on the release of her EP, saying:

this project has been tha soundtrack of ma life over tha past 8 months comforting me thru many comeups n comedowns > countless ubers n plane journeys n lil solo boogies in ma kitchen hehe 🙂 SBUHATW is my interpretation of new gen junglism n i rly hope it resonates wiv u guys

You can stream SUNRISE BANG UR HEAD AGAINST THE WALL at the link below, out everywhere via Island Records/HIJINXX. Enjoy!