Nico Stojan & Tooker’s ‘Frisbee” EP Is A Futuristic & Melodic Journey Through Sound

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Nico Stojan has been lighting up Berlin dancefloors over the last few years with his own brand of jazz and soul filled house. A few hundred miles south in Italy, Tooker has found his own colorful, deep, and disco-laced sound that transcends traditional dance music. For the first time ever, both producers have joined forces for the release of their two-track EP, Frisbee, out now via Crosstown Rebels.

The first track, “Frisbee,” pays homage to the duos’ everyday life and connection they found while playing frisbee in the park together. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. The track, however, is far from simple. Nico & Tooker create a hypnotizing 4×4 backdrop full of organic and electronic sounds before waves of harmonious elements and melodic synths take you to another realm.

Luna” continues this theme of expansiveness and is equally as mesmerizing as the first. The percussion remains light and feathered while futuristic, space-like melodies twinkle in and out of the foreground. The track eventually evolves into a swirling rhythm with a deeper, darker bass heavy core.

Stream the EP below and enjoy!

Nico Stojan & Tooker – Frisbee