New Artist niishi Releases Debut Single “why did you play my heart like that”


Sometimes it takes new artists a little while to find their sound, but not niishi. He just released his first solo single ever: an uptempo track titled “why did you play my heart like that.” It’s blowing our minds that this is one of his first releases because his sound feels so well articulated.

There’s a lot going on in this track, but it all fits together very nicely. niishi starts the track with twinkly glimmering chimes, before quickly introducing a UKG-inspired rhythm. The complex layers of keys create vibrant textures for the glitchy vocals flit in and out, realizing a forward-thinking, future garage sound.

We know virtually nothing about this new artist—his YouTube channel was just created a week ago, and his socials give no clues about his identity. But his music speaks for itself. The track is accompanied by an official video created by Los Angeles talent Berk Visual. Make sure to check it out below. Enjoy!

niishi – why did you play my heart like that