Nile Rodgers talking on Daft Punk New Album ‘Random Access Memories’ for The Collaborators Documentary Episode 3

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In the third episode of the incredible documentary series about the game changing new album Random Access Memories from French electronic duo Daft Punk. In Episode 3 of The Collaborators series, it highlights one of the amazing artists Daft Punk collaborated with on their new album, legendary American guitarist / bassist Nile Rodgers, frontman to band Chic and responsible for countless hits from Madonna, Duran Duran, David Bowie and countless others.

He touches on their initial relationship starting at a Daft Punk listening party and moving to him getting invited while they were recording in a New York studio.

Then diving into how great collaborations are when both artists are trying to push each other harder and both end up growing. A very true statement.

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