Ninajirachi Drops Cutting Edge Double-Single “Dracodraco/Stoneteller”


Australian triple-threat producer, songwriter, and DJ, Ninajirachi, has been making music that has reached audiences far and wide before even graduating high school. With a sound that embodies a rich, plush atmosphere and a flawless touch in the studio, she’s carved her own unique path in the electronic music scene. The cutting edge producer has teamed up with RL Grime’s Sable Valley Records and Nina Las Vegas’ NLV Records for a double-single release, “Dracodraco/Stoneteller.”

“Dracodraco” starts things off with some glistening synth patterns before Ninajirachi adds in her signature pitched vocals. The first drop features an array of glitchy drum patterns and bass swells for a proper trap-inspired offering. The second drop sees her return back to her early techno roots with a hardstyle drum beat and complex sound design. On “Stoneteller,” Ninajirachi similarly begins things with some glittery sound effects and pitched vocals. She opts for a more Jersey club inspired drum pattern where the drop contains the perfect amount of bounce underneath all her highly technical soundscapes.

Stream “Dracodraco/Stoneteller” below and enjoy!

Ninajirachi – Dracodraco/Stoneteller