Ninajirachi Finds Her Voice on Dynamic Debut Mixtape ‘Second Nature’

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Every release from Ninajirachi showcases a new side of the rising artist we haven’t seen before. “Start Small” demonstrated Nina’s melodic mastery, “X33 (Angel☆Type!),” her glitchy, bass infatuation, and on “Crush Me,” the artist’s trap-style infusion. Today, the producer, singer, and songwriter offers her most complete collection of songs yet, on her debut mixtape, Second Nature.

Second Nature beautifully reflects all the rising artist has to offer, from deep, bass-heavy drops to melody-driven escapades. Standout track “Things I Never Nu” sees Nina at her most vulnerable yet, utilizing emotional lyrics and a brilliant vocal performance. On the other end of the spectrum, the equally impressive “Icebody” shows Nina flexing her production skills with a glitchy, drum and bass style groove and addictive vocal chops. Through and through, Second Nature includes some of the young producer’s most honest and impressive work to date.

Here’s what Nina had to say about the release of her debut mixtape:

second nature out now. i cannot overstate what this means to me – last year there was a time when i thought i didn’t love making music anymore, and today i have released 12 songs! life is truly magical and i’m so grateful that this life is mine! thank you thank you thank you.

You can stream Second Nature at the link below, out everywhere via NLV Records. Enjoy!

Ninajirachi – Second Nature