PREMIERE | No Mana & Jantine Join Forces On Bright, Dynamic New Single “Strangers”

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If you’re a mau5trap fan in any respect, you’re sure to be familiar with No Mana by now. Considering the heavyweight producer has dominated all things electro / progressive house for years now, today we’re excited to have the pleasure of premiering his brand new song with Jantine, “Strangers“.

With No Mana constantly putting out incredible tracks, the fact that this latest offering is only the first gem off his forthcoming debut album is very exciting. As the multi-faceted artist has always done well to find a balance between gentle, emotive melodies / soundscapes and energetic, highly-technical sound design, with songwriter / vocalist / producer Jantine added to the mix “Strangers” has taken these sensibilities a full step further.

“Most of my favorite chord progressions I’ve written usually happen in the days after attending some crazy festival. Going to EDC Las Vegas last year, and making Strangers, was one of those cases. I sent it to Jantine where she came up with these lyrics that make me think about that movie ‘Your Name’ – so that’s where the visuals are traced from.” – No Mana

Featuring a masterful mix of vibrant, evolving synths, soft, bouncing arpeggios, crisp percussion and passionate vocals courtesy of Jantine all atop an unmistakably groovy bassline,  we’ll definitely be keeping this one on repeat for the forseeable future. Stream “Strangers” below and make sure to catch No Mana in a city near you on his first headlining tour (dates also below). Enjoy!

No Mana & Jantine – Strangers

Tour/Live Dates | Tickets
January 24, 2020 – Minneapolis, MN – The Hideout
January 25, 2020 – Atlanta, GA – Wish Lounge
January 30, 2020 – Washington, DC – Soundcheck
February 8, 2020 – Miami, FL – Treehouse
February 13, 2020 – Denver, CO – LVL
February 14, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA – Avalon
February 15, 2020 – San Francisco, CA – Halcyon
February 21, 2020 – Chicago, IL – Sound Bar
February 27, 2020 – Portland, OR – Jade Club
February 29, 2020 – Calgary, AB – The Palace
March 6, 2020 – Seattle, WA – Q
March 13, 2020 – San Diego, CA – Bang Bang