NoMBe Encourages Us To Be Ourselves On Heartfelt New Nostalgic Feeler, “Weirdo”


NoMBe has just delivered one of his best tracks to date. The Los Angeles artist has got a knack for creating catchy, feel-good music that we love to shared with our loved ones. This new track, “Weirdo,” may be the best example of that. It pulls on your heartstrings in the most wholesome ways.

Everything on this new single just adds up perfectly. The songwriting (as always) is meaningful, the composition is refreshing, and the melodies will hook you in for days. Beware that once you give this one a spin, it could take over your entire world.

We have a feeling that all the “weirdos” out there will be sending this one to their significant others this week. Stream “Weirdo” below and enjoy!

NoMBe – Weirdo