Watch Nora En Pure Perform A Spectacular DJ Set From Deep Within The Swiss Alps

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Some of our favorite DJs have been playing sets in unreal locations recently. ZHU played a set on a Japanese mountain; Kaskade played a set while suspended above the Grand Canyon; The Blaze played literally above the clouds. Most recently, Nora En Pure celebrated her 200th episode of Purified Radio with a set in a breathtaking valley within the Swiss Alps.

Nora is always finding new ways to impress us. This DJ set form her, which takes place specifically in Gstaad, Switzerland, literally elevates her talents to another realm. These two hours from her are an amazing journey through the mountains. And it’s complete with epic drone footage and lighting.

We highly suggest streaming this one through a big screen paired with nice sound system.

Check out the full two-hour set below from Nora below. Enjoy!

Nora En Pure presents Purified 200 | Gstaad, Switzerland