ODESZA Drop Colossal New Song “Behind The Sun”


Every so often, ODESZA will come through with a massive track, designed for festival and arena play. Today they release their heaviest track we’ve heard since “Loyal,” back in 2018. This new one is called “Behind The Sun,” and is the fourth single released so far from their upcoming album, The Last Goodbye.

“Behind The Sun” is the first track released this year from ODESZA that doesn’t feature a guest artist. The mighty production of this Seattle-based duo is the sole star of the show here, with triumphant, thundering percussion, inspired chanting, and an energy-build like no other.

ODESZA’s upcoming album, The Last Goodbye, is due out on July 22.

You can stream the new ODESZA banger below. Enjoy!

ODESZA – Behind The Sun